Who you are

You love to venture outdoors, whether its the desert, beach, mountains, woods or an open field, you are down for anything!!

You're not afraid to get down and dirty. I know you just bought a gorgeous new outfit for our shoot but you are down to lay on the ground, or climb up to the top of a muddy hill so we can get the DREAM shot you can cherish forever.

You're not afraid to get down an dirty pt. 2. I want to capture your intimate moments, ones that you and your significant other will look back at these photos and think "Damn, look at us" some of the photos you may not run and show your parents but the two of you will love. You and your significant other are down to get a little steamy for our shoot

Lastly, most importantly, you're down to laugh and/or pity laugh at all my dumb jokes. This is going to be a fun day!!!!!

Who I am

I drink like 4 Iced Coffees a day, and about 0 water.
My dream is to spend everyday in a National Park.
I truly love capturing real moments between couples. I make a ton of jokes, but it brings me so much joy to see two people so in love and have these visuals to remember the special moments for the rest of their lives.

Work With me